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Eligibility: All veterans or active duty members of the U.S. armed forces and spouses

Helping those that served and their families is one of the main reasons we founded Blaids. Today millions of Veterans suffer from untreated hearing loss and our mission is to make quality hearing aids more accessible to those who sacrificed so much. Blaids is happy to offer all veterans and spouses 10% off on all our top-tier hearing aid models. In addition, for each 100 pairs of blaids sold we donate one to a veteran in need.

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Joe H. U.S. Marines, Operation Iraqi Freedom  I grew up outside Atlanta, GA and served as an Infantry man (grunt) in special ops from 2000-2009. After 9 years of gunfire and explosions I lost around 35% of my hearing, which was not enough for the VA to cover my hearing aids but enough to severely impact my quality of life. Blaids changed my life and enabled me to hear all the things I’ve been missing. Their app and specialists configured my Blaids to my exact hearing profile and now I can hear like I did before I enlisted. I tried several other brands for upwards of $5,000 but I found Blaids to be superior quality at a much lower price.

Blaids Fürsorge für das Leben.

In addition to 10% off, all Veterans and spouses receive free Blaids Care for life. That means unlimited adjustment consultations with our remote care specialists to ensure a perfect fit.

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