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Our Story

The Story Behind Blaids Hearing: From a Personal Journey to a Mission for Better Hearing

Our founder, Austin, was inspired to start Blaids Hearing after witnessing the financial struggles his family faced when his younger brother was diagnosed with a rare inner-ear disease called cholesteatoma.


Growing up in a small town in upstate New York, Austin saw first-hand the life-saving operation his brother underwent and the high cost ($7,000) of the hearing aid that was required to aid his recovery. This put an enormous financial strain on his family who was struggling at the time.

Austin went on to have a successful career as the CEO of an Artificial Intelligence and Robotics company, but several years ago found himself now having to purchase hearing aids for his mother who suffers from moderate hearing loss. He soon realized that while the cost of electronics as a whole had decreased significantly over the last 30 years, hearing aids had only increased in price since his brother’s operation. Having a background in robotics he began to investigate solutions on how to provide top-tier hearing aids at an affordable cost.

Austin felt a calling to help his mom and others who were facing this situation. He co-founded Blaids Hearing with some of the top engineering minds in the world to help make hearing aids more accessible and affordable for everyone.

Blaids Hearing has quickly risen to become the fastest growing online hearing aid company in the U.S. for three main reasons. Firstly, our hearing aids use cutting edge medical-grade technology to provide the best possible sound quality. Our devices are designed to be comfortable to wear and easy to use, come with 48 DSP channels, an advanced USA-made multi-core processor, noise cancelling technology and transient noise management system.

Secondly, Our Blaids mobile app allows our customers to get the experience of essentially having an audiologist in their pocket. With Blaids, your hearing experience is totally customized to your exact needs. Not only can you upload your own audiogram or take our hearing test, Blaids offers virtually unlimited options for fine tuning and advanced customization. Easily reduce feedback, isolate and enhance human voices, or reduce background noise with our easy to use Smart Fitting features or switch through our pre-programed modes for all your favorite activities (watching TV, hiking outside, dinner parties, etc). In addition Blaids allow you to adjust the gain on each frequency, use our equalizer and denoise features, and even isolate and enhance sounds based on different directions to your liking.

Finally we have a customer-obsessed mindset. Our goal is to provide the best possible customer service and support. We understand that buying a hearing aid can be a confusing and overwhelming process, which is why we offer a 45-day trial period and a l2-year warranty on all of our devices. We also have a team of trained hearing experts available to answer any questions and provide personalized support. When you call Blaids you are guaranteed to get a real person, not some machine asking you to press 1, 2, or 3 then connect with a robot who can’t assist you.

It is a well-known fact that hearing aids bought offline in clinics are needlessly so expensive. This is because traditional hearing aid providers have high overhead costs, such as rental costs for physical clinics and salaries for in-person sales representatives. Blaids Hearing is able to keep our prices low by offering our hearing aids exclusively online and directly to the customer. By eliminating these overhead costs, we are able to offer medical-grade hearing aids for a fraction of the price of traditional providers.

In conclusion, Blaids Hearing is a company founded on the principle that everyone deserves access to the best possible hearing technology. Our founder Austin’s personal experience inspired us to provide affordable and accessible medical-grade hearing aids to all those in need. With cutting edge technology, a customer-obsessed mindset, and leading hearing experts, we are dedicated to improving people’s lives through better hearing.

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